‘God’s Economy’

“We celebrate our abundance in God’s economy — and ridicule the false economy of this world — by aspiring to be servants while everyone else is scrambling to get in on the good life.”

– Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, “God’s Economy”

This book — this book.

Reading this was peeking over a stone wall into a beautiful garden that I hope to inhabit, and which I feel is closer to reality than I may realize. Please, Lord: community. The best kind; interdependent, prayerful, purposeful and the kind that doesn’t find security in bank accounts.

I fall entirely too short, but … It’s a life, not a destination.

God is a God of abundance. Yes, in the way we hope; but also infinitely more. Wilson-Hartgrove illustrates what powers the creator and sustainer’s economy: eternal investments, economic friendships, relational generosity, subversive service, and gracious politics. This book isn’t one I’ll bring up over Christmas dinner with the nonbelievers in my extended family; but maybe by the way we live, we won’t have to.

One last quote, which my gut felt before I read this book: “What we think is stewardship may, in fact, be greed.”

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