“There is alway…

“There is always someone who doesn’t satisfy my need or someone who irritates me. Community is not some sentimental ideal place or time where everybody lives together, loves each other, and always gets along. That’s never going to happen. Rather, in living together we come to realize that community doesn’t require or offer total emotional Read more about “There is alway…[…]

Fully listening

Listening is a very vulnerable stance. … True listening has become increasingly difficult in churches and institutions, where people remain on their guard, afraid to expose their weaker side, eager to be recognized as successful and bright. In our contemporary competitive society, listening often is a way of ‘checking the other person out.’ It is Read more about Fully listening[…]

The missing link in the evolution discussion is that we shouldn’t get stuck there

  God help us if this dinosaur thing, this evolution thing is the stumbling block. God help us. If someone on the fence, if someone curious, if someone lonely and looking for a better way — if they looked to Christ and saw us talking about dinosaurs on the ark … God help us. If Read more about The missing link in the evolution discussion is that we shouldn’t get stuck there[…]

Moving’s hard, but sometimes so is staying

She mentioned off-hand that she had moved here not long ago, and that sort of talk is my foot in the door. “Where are you from?” I collect people’s geography like others note hairstyles or cars. “Here, but we’ve lived the last eight years in Wisconsin.”¬†Midwesterners love the Midwest. I can attest. My new dental Read more about Moving’s hard, but sometimes so is staying[…]