Living education notes for my February file

We drove to the retreat, Dave and I, from Michigan to Ohio (where Mom watched the girls); then Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin to Minnesota. I read Willa Cather and we had the windows down on the county highways; my hair was blowing and Noah Gundersen was singing. You should’ve been there. Along the way, I spotted staghorn sumacs, Read more about Living education notes for my February file[…]

‘The family is, practically, a commune’

“Wagner says, in his most beautiful opera, that art is only a way of remembering youth. And the older we grow the more precious it seems to us, and the more richly we can present that memory. When we’ve got it all out, — the last, the finest thrill of it, the brightest hope of Read more about ‘The family is, practically, a commune’[…]

An addendum to a post, thanks to a distant relative who knows nothing of blogs

My relatives moved to the Great Black Swamp; ancient beaches of Lake Erie lay beneath the forests that they quickly felled and drained to farm. Mosquitoes, wolves, bears and bobcats lingered, so this was the last part of Ohio to be established by Europeans. Now I know. Isn’t it peculiar to think that someone would hand Read more about An addendum to a post, thanks to a distant relative who knows nothing of blogs[…]

Gladys’ list of books

In my limited view, book lovers can spread knowledge, sentiment, a fervor, a feeling quick as those who witness something big first hand. I love book-lovers. I’ve spent years reading twaddle, though; just silly books with no redeeming value (“Sweet Valley High,” anyone?) There wasn’t anything classical about my literary education (English textbooks of brief excerpts Read more about Gladys’ list of books[…]