In the wilderness, of sorts

There’s a missionary in “Shadows on the Rock” who commits to a vow of perpetual stability, despite every human inclination to leave the wilderness of late 1600s Montreal. He can’t learn the Huron language; he’s harshly treated by them, and doesn’t ever find that transcendent love he’s “supposed” to feel; he’s not even sure God’s nearby. He’s Read more about In the wilderness, of sorts[…]

Do you see what I see?

“While it is true that God is a hidden presence, we have only to let nature speak to us about the God who is everywhere.” Henri Nouwen, “Discernment” “Whoa! That’s a big bird!” Violet spotted it first. I turned, dropped my oatmeal spoon, pushed my chair back. The two closest to the patio door stood Read more about Do you see what I see?[…]

When a wobbler says yes

The afternoon I took this picture, Dave was already in Michigan, where it was written “there be monsters” on the map. I stayed behind for a bit because we had the house to sell, and I had a paycheck there, and that paycheck was something we needed, or thought we did. (I’ll stop talking about this one Read more about When a wobbler says yes[…]

1,500-year-old advice

There’s something about the people who’ll go all-in, right? If a person discovers running, they get the shoes, the tight pants, the water bottle belt, the GPS watch. New vegetarians get all the cookbooks from the library. New homeschoolers follow every homeschooling blog; join every email list. New parents find there aren’t enough magazines, books, clothes, minivans, Read more about 1,500-year-old advice[…]

Stories leave a trail a hop-length apart for us

“Perhaps the real reason that we tell stories again and again—and endlessly praise our greatest storytellers—is because humans want to be a part of a shared history.” “The Psychological Comforts of Storytelling,” The Atlantic I talked with a guy at a nursing home last week, holding the hand of his “bride,” he called her, of 54 years. She sat Read more about Stories leave a trail a hop-length apart for us[…]