Everything’s coming up green: Mudroom guest post

I spent the first eighteen months looking for signposts that life sprouts here in our new state.

After a historically snowy winter last year in Michigan, I stalked trees for buds. I gently nudged snow from the neighbor’s crocuses with the toe of my boot, my soul hungry for a flowering something, anything that signified new beginnings. I made acquaintances, I joined a small group. I wrote long letters back to friends out of state, and watched birds nesting in a bush in the front of our rental home. The girls’ Easter baskets each had a packet of forget-me-not seeds, and I planted them with mixed emotions in the dirt we didn’t own, in this place I didn’t love, and nothing came up. Not a flower.

{{ I’m sharing on The Mudroom today – you can read the whole post here. }}



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