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Bonus post: ‘The Year of Small Things’ cover

Of my four children (stay with me), two are at school. One is eating Froot Loops. The other …

Is on Amazon.


Friends, isn’t this cover beautiful? “The Year of Small Things: Radical Faith for the Rest of Us” releases in January, so this is sort of like the ultrasound picture to get everyone excited. (Like a mother, I’m making everyone look at it. “Can’t you see — that’s a foot. No, that is. Trust us, it’s going to be beautiful.”)

Strangely, we’re in editing season for “The Year of Small Things” (strange because this makes it look very done and also because I feel like theses stories are about a time in my life twenty-two years ago). Going over words my coauthor, the amazing Sarah Arthur, and I wrote a while ago, I want to hug those ladies and tell them everything is going to be OK.

The themes we touch on in our first Year of Small Things continue (we’re actually just starting our third Year of Small Things this month), and so does the discernment about things like money, community, our relationship with our neighborhood, and so much more. We can’t wait to tell you about it.

We’ll be inviting y’all to make your own Year of Small Things — a year of small, cumulative changes that (hopefully) walk us all closer to loving as Jesus loves. If this sounds at all intimidating, awesome, and/ or “yes”-ish, we’ll point you in the right direction soon.

For now, editing, editing, getting kids from school, editing, what’s for dinner.


The kids are always all right


Checking in on a neighbor …


  1. Roger Schroeder


    Great cover, and even greater content and meaning!!!

    Four kids–I get it. The feeling of holding a published books in my arms!

    Look forward to holding and seeing it.

    But of course, for now there is the endless editing, which does actually have an end.


    • Erin

      Roger, I only believe there is an end because you tell me this. I can’t wait to feel it in my hands!

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