November 14, 2017

Endorsements & links

“The challenge in all this is to — just as [Sarah and Erin] do — see these as small things and relationships that we build with people that are marginalized.”

– Shane Claiborne, from the Small Things podcast

Praise for The Year of Small Things

Though the bulk of the book is driven by personal experiences, the authors provide valuable guidelines on intentionally bringing faith into daily life, making it accessible for Christian readers looking to reinvigorate their everyday spiritual practices. – Publisher’s Weekly

“The Year of Small Things is the best kind of spiritual formation book: serious and funny, smart and vulnerable—and, most useful of all—practical. If you want to live the way of Jesus and struggle to know how in the midst of family busyness, financial struggle, even depression, Sarah Arthur and Erin Wasinger can be trusted to help you and your community re-imagine and engage practices of spiritual wholeness and social justice. Honestly, this is one of my favorite books this year.” – Jen Pollock Michel, author of Teach Us to Want and Keeping Place (2017).

This is the most provocative and profound book I’ve read in a long time. I plan to buy a box and give it to my friends so they can laugh, cry, repent, and soul-search as much as I did. Deeply moving–and necessary–for the faith community.” – Joel Salatin, renegade farmer (featured on Food, Inc.) and author of The Marvelous Pigness of Pigs: Respecting and Caring for All God’s Creation

“What a wonderful story of two ordinary families dealing with the normal struggles of life, coming together to grow deeper in life with God. Written with grace, authenticity, and wit, Arthur and Wasinger’s book made me excited to follow their path–the mark of a truly great work.” – Nathan Foster, director of community life, Renovaré; author of The Making of an Ordinary Saint

Media buzz

“Even when it’s hard, and it is hard, you are growing in the character of Christ … by reconciling with neighbors when things go wrong, by staying no matter what.” – Erin F. Wasinger on “Woman to Woman,” a radio show by Kathy Thomas

The Year of Small Things is about doing the dishes. It’s about the hard work of serious discipleship when you have a life and family. – Review in The Christian Century

Let’s be “accountable to do good stuff.” – Erin F. Wasinger and Sarah Arthur on the Renovare Podcast.

“Here is where I want my kids’ focus: on the small ways we can live the way of Jesus. Today. And tomorrow. And the day after that.” – Erin F. Wasinger at Red Letter Christians

“This funny and grace-filled project shows that living simply is doable—especially if you’ve got a supportive team.” – ForeWord Reviews