Stories leave a trail a hop-length apart for us

“Perhaps the real reason that we tell stories again and again—and endlessly praise our greatest storytellers—is because humans want to be a part of a shared history.” “The Psychological Comforts of Storytelling,” The Atlantic I talked with a guy at a nursing home last week, holding the hand of his “bride,” he called her, of 54 years. She sat Read more about Stories leave a trail a hop-length apart for us[…]

Gladys’ list of books

In my limited view, book lovers can spread knowledge, sentiment, a fervor, a feeling quick as those who witness something big first hand. I love book-lovers. I’ve spent years reading twaddle, though; just silly books with no redeeming value (“Sweet Valley High,” anyone?) There wasn’t anything classical about my literary education (English textbooks of brief excerpts Read more about Gladys’ list of books[…]