This mother needs an Advent

Dave’s making a table. It’s going to be a long one with thick oak boards that once held back horses. In a month or two, maybe it’ll hold up plates of macaroni and cheese. When it’s done, it’ll gleam (I hope). I’ll wipe into my hand those bread crumbs, feeling the table’s texture — oh, Read more about This mother needs an Advent[…]

1,500-year-old advice

There’s something about the people who’ll go all-in, right? If a person discovers running, they get the shoes, the tight pants, the water bottle belt, the GPS watch. New vegetarians get all the cookbooks from the library. New homeschoolers follow every homeschooling blog; join every email list. New parents find there aren’t enough magazines, books, clothes, minivans, Read more about 1,500-year-old advice[…]