This mother needs an Advent

Dave’s making a table. It’s going to be a long one with thick oak boards that once held back horses. In a month or two, maybe it’ll hold up plates of macaroni and cheese. When it’s done, it’ll gleam (I hope). I’ll wipe into my hand those bread crumbs, feeling the table’s texture — oh, Read more about This mother needs an Advent[…]

Do you see what I see?

“While it is true that God is a hidden presence, we have only to let nature speak to us about the God who is everywhere.” Henri Nouwen, “Discernment” “Whoa! That’s a big bird!” Violet spotted it first. I turned, dropped my oatmeal spoon, pushed my chair back. The two closest to the patio door stood Read more about Do you see what I see?[…]

Trying on community for size

I can hear the fridge humming now, and my 6-year-old sniffling while she turns the pages of a library book. I hear these things anew, and cardinal outside, because for the last two weeks, the house has been alive with the noises made by one extra adult and two energetic boys under 5. And it’s quiet this Read more about Trying on community for size[…]

“There is alway…

“There is always someone who doesn’t satisfy my need or someone who irritates me. Community is not some sentimental ideal place or time where everybody lives together, loves each other, and always gets along. That’s never going to happen. Rather, in living together we come to realize that community doesn’t require or offer total emotional Read more about “There is alway…[…]