And about those sidewalks

In the days before homes and hearth-fires, house crickets were depressed wanderers; aimless. Every other creature on earth seemed well-suited to their homes; why not the cricket? Their grasshopper cousin cajoled them to try out their legs, to no avail. The ape suggested, since they were so unhappy, they just give up. And the mole: the Read more about And about those sidewalks[…]

We’re all caterpillars

“Oh, Caterpillar! it is because you crawl, because you never get beyond your cabbage-leaf, that you call any thing impossible.” — The Lark, in Mrs. Alfred Getty’s “Parables from Nature” (read free here) “What was my grandpa like when he was a kid?” I asked. “Mean,” Great-Aunt Junilla deadpans. “No, he was funny. He was so funny. Read more about We’re all caterpillars[…]