We’re all caterpillars

“Oh, Caterpillar! it is because you crawl, because you never get beyond your cabbage-leaf, that you call any thing impossible.” — The Lark, in Mrs. Alfred Getty’s “Parables from Nature” (read free here) “What was my grandpa like when he was a kid?” I asked. “Mean,” Great-Aunt Junilla deadpans. “No, he was funny. He was so funny. Read more about We’re all caterpillars[…]

Sharing life at home, and what that means

Sharing life — isn’t that the funniest phrase, if you dissect it? When the first few people (all church people; I’m not sure I’ve heard it outside that context) used that phrase with me, it stuck like an oddball thing to say: “Sharing life.” To share life means meals and chores or errands; possessions, maybe Read more about Sharing life at home, and what that means[…]